11 Tweets About Traditional Funerals That Show Things Are Definitely Changing…

When surfing the waves of Twitter recently, we came across an interesting thread of sparked by BBC on human composting.

The thread was essentially a group of young people rooting for a more green approach to funerals. They spoke to the downsides of traditional funerals, and why they’re seemingly more irrelevant to the younger generation.

This conversation was so passion-fueled, that it inspired us to do some more Twitter surfing. This is where we uncovered a whole web of tweets discussing the downsides of traditional funerals.

The main arguments against traditional funerals? They are boring, expensive, impersonal, lack choices, and bad for the environment.

Why poke at traditional funerals?

As someone who can see that the future of funerals is evolving away from a more traditional approach, I felt inspired to share these tweets with you. These are real people, speaking their truth. And their truth is… that tradition is not the way of the future.

We recognize this may feel triggering, but whether or not you agree with these opinions, hear them out. Because these conversations are happening, with or without us. And it’s time we start taking part in them.

Here are 11 arguments AGAINST traditional funerals, in the form of tweets:

1.The environment.

Traditional funerals aren’t necessarily good for the environment.

2. The fun factor.

Who would choose a traditional funeral when you can instead choose to celebrate life and have more fun?

3. Incredible boredom.

Even celebrities fear the idea of their own boring traditional funeral.

4. Money.

Everyone knows that traditional funerals aren’t easy on the wallet.

5. Harmony with nature.

The people of today want traditions and burial practices that are more in tune with nature… and they’re well on their way to creating them!

6.  Remembrance.

People who are dying want to be remembered, not mourned.

7. Cookie-cutter.

The families of the future want their funeral to represent THEIR life, not cookie-cutter phrases, songs, and traditions.

8. Progressiveness.

Now that death is becoming less taboo to talk about, convention is no longer necessary.

9. Choice.

Traditional funerals don’t offer much in the realm of choice, and in a world where choices are limitless, people want choices for their funeral, too.

10. Depth.

Funerals that focus on the individual’s story are touching. Impersonal religious scripture is not.

11. The most obvious reason.

There are just too many other cool ways to celebrate your life than to opt into tradition!

What’s your opinion — do you think traditional funerals will get left behind with the times, or survive and thrive? Do you agree with any of the arguments above?

Tell us in the comments below!