15 Hilarious April Fool’s Pranks You Probably Shouldn’t Try At Your Funeral Home

April Fools is usually just another day on the calendar for us at the f1 team.

But this year, we felt inspired to do a little research. You know, find out what we can get away with this April Fool’s Day in the f1 office (and at home).

And during our research, we couldn’t help but realize that half our jokes were funeral/death related. I guess that’s what happens when you work with 10,000+ different clients in the funeral profession!

We’ve gathered some of our favorite April Fools pranks, and divided them into different levels, so we cover everyone… from the knee slappers to the dare devils.

Check out these 15 April Fools pranks for your funeral home below:

😂Level 1 April Fool’s pranks: Easy and friendly

These April Fools jokes are easy to do at your funeral home, and not very offensive. Laughs guaranteed!

1.It’s alive!

Wait until a co-worker is walking by you in the embalming room, and loudly shout… IT’S ALIVE!


2. Strangestone

Walk over to a co-worker and tell them that the client family you’re working with wants this on their loved one’s gravestone and you’re not sure about it. Ask them what they think, and say no more.

3. The ceiling has eyes

Tape this up just about anywhere in the back-office of your funeral home. Ceilings, drawers, fridges, back of a garbage lid, etc. You’re sure to give a co-worker a gentle scare.

4. Brown-E’s: the perfect treat

After a long day’s work, offer your tired co-workers a big plate of brown E’s. Get it?

5. Crayon, anyone?

Swap out all writing utensils in the funeral home and replace them with crayons.


🙈Level 2 April Fool’s pranks: Some bravery required

These April Fools jokes require a bit more bravery, and some co-workers with a good sense of humor. Plus, they take a little more effort (but they’re so worth it).

6. Calendar wo/men

Let your staff know you’re doing a team photo shoot, and this is your vision for it. The best part is if you wait long enough for someone to volunteer for another level of laughter.

7. Krispy de la Kreme

Bringing over a few celebratory boxes of “Krispy Kremes” after a long day (especially funny if anyone is on a diet).

8. Foggy mornings

Leave this behind any door in your funeral home (behind the scenes of course) for the next lucky person.

9. Another fog horn prank

We love fog horns so much for their cheap and easy pranking status. This is also an epic way to wake up a sleepy funeral director.

10. How do you like your coffee?

Ask your fellow funeral director if they prefer embalming fluid in their coffee, because you went ahead and did the honors for them.

11. A toasty prank

With all of today’s new technology, someone is bound to fall for this toasty prank.

🔥Level 3 April Fool’s pranks: For the daring & devilish

We recommend you try these on someone who really loves you, or has a very… should we say flexible(?) sense of humor:

12. Don’t open unless…

Putting a sign on a cup, or use your imagination, and write “Do not open unless you plan on killing it”. That’ll get them wondering…

13. Have a quick laugh with “pop its”

Step 1: Ask a co-worker to meet you somewhere in your funeral home… and to knock first.

Step 2: Hide outside the door.

Step 3: Upon spotting them throw a few “pop its”  on the ground and shout loudly, “we got a pacemaker!”

Step 4: Watch and laugh.

Step 5: (the most important one) say APRIL FOOLS!


14. One for the younger siblings

Show your younger sibling who still believes in Santa this headstone.

15. Happy birthday to you!

If you have a director at your funeral home who doesn’t like hurting people’s feelings, pretend it’s their birthday. Gather co-workers around and start singing happy birthday to them. You can even up the ante by buying balloons or even a cake. See if he or she has the heart to tell you that it’s not actually their birthday.


What is your favorite funeral home themed April Fools prank? Tell us about it in the comments below!