Advice for Planning Cremation Services

As a surviving loved one of someone who has passed away, especially someone who has left incomplete wishes for the period after their passing, this can be a difficult time. Not only are you going through a tough grieving process, but there are also many funeral arrangements and other details to manage.

One of these is the method of final disposition. Some people choose to be buried, where others look to cremation – at McDougal Funeral Homes, we have a number of options available for both. Here are a few advanced tips for those who choose cremation for their disposition method.

Know Your Choices

At McDougal Funeral Homes, we offer three options for cremation: complete cremation, immediate cremation and direct cremation. The largest differences here are in the timing of the cremation itself – it can come anywhere from immediately to after a traditional funeral service. This is often an issue of practicality in many cases, though there may also be specific wishes here passed on by the departed.

Documented Wishes

Many people assume that wishes from the departed will simply be covered in a will or living will, but for this specific area, this often isn’t the case. Those wills are mostly regarding financial affairs and medical treatment – even if your loved one has completed both, separate plans need to be made for funeral or cremation services. If these wishes are not communicated in writing in advance, loved ones will have to make these decisions.

Involve Family

Whether or not big arrangement decisions fall to surviving loved ones, involve the whole family in this process. A funeral or memorial is an important part of the grieving process. To whatever degree it’s appropriate, honoring the opinions and wishes of family should be considered. Just as importantly, knowing and feeling involved with the final wishes of a deceased loved one can be an important bit of closure for many people.

Cost and Prepayment

Don’t be afraid to ask about prices – it may sound crude, but it’s a natural and intelligent question, as costs can vary. Whenever possible, consider prepayment, whether this is via an aging loved one before they pass or arrangements made soon after death. The further these items are planned in advance, the lesser the burden on surviving family.

For more advice on funeral arrangements, cremation options or any of our other funeral home services, speak to the professionals at McDougal Funeral Homes.

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