Co-op Funeralcare – What is a Funeral Plan

Thinking about your funeral might seem like a difficult thing to do But it is necessary if you don't want your relatives to be burdened either with the cost of the funeral or the responsibility of deciding what kind of ceremony you would have wanted when the time does eventually come

One way of ensuring that your family doesn't have to face this at what is likely to be a very difficult time is by taking out a Funeral Plan This is essentially a way of pre-paying funeral costs, thereby protecting your loved ones from financial concerns It is also a way of making sure your wishes are known so that loved ones are relieved of making difficult decisions So how does a Funeral Plan work? Funeral Plans are a way for people to pay for and plan their funerals in advance at today's funeral prices The cost of the typical funeral has risen sharply in the past few years

This means it makes more sense to plan ahead now, protecting you against potential price rises in the future Typically, Funeral Plans involve paying a fixed amount of money in return for an agreed range of services provided by the Funeral Director and third party costs such as the crematorium and the Minister So what is included? Funeral Plans will include different services, so it's important to make sure you check what services are provided in your Funeral Plan before making the decision If, for example, a church service is not included in the price of your Funeral Plan, your family and loved ones will have to cover this additional cost if they would like to arrange one when the time comes It's also important to check if burial or cremation costs are fully guaranteed and whether there will need to be any more to pay for these services if prices have risen significantly when the time comes

Your Plan may only cover certain costs such as the Funeral Director fees which typically account for 70% of the cost of a funeral It's important to know what you are covered for and whether your loved ones will need to pay for any services that are not covered when the time comes Some Funeral Plans, however, guarantee to cover all such costs no matter how much the costs have risen It is also possible for you to tailor some Funeral Plans, allowing you to arrange all of the additional services such as flowers and newspaper notices These are available from some local Funeral Directors

There are a range of flexible and affordable options available for paying for a Funeral Plan These range from paying in full, spreading the cost over monthly Direct Debit payments for a fixed length of time or making lower fixed monthly payments for life Your Funeral Director will be able to advise you on everything you need to know about Funeral Plans and the options available to you You can find more information by visiting wwwco-operativefuneralcare