Compare prepaid funeral plans comparison and advice

This is a short video by Findon Legal Consultants to tell you a little bit about pre-paid funeral plans A pre-paid funeral plan is a product that allows you to pay for and arrange your funeral in advance

This can be a one-off payment or in monthly instalments So why pay for your funeral in advance? Well, paying up front has several benefits: 1 You can fix the cost of your funeral at today's prices, offering long-term financial savings In recent years, funeral costs have risen by as much as 10% per year This will also reduce the financial burden on those you leave behind; 2

Paying up front also gives you choice in the type of funeral you want, including the coffin, transport and ceremony; 3 A pre-paid funeral plan offers great peace-of-mind Knowing that everything is organised and paid for in advance removes some of the stresses and worries for your loved ones at a difficult time Most providers of funeral plans offer different products, from a basic through to comprehensive plan The level you choose will influence the type of coffin, number of cars and other arrangements

So, why chose Findon Legal Consultant to help arrange your plan? First off, we are independent specialists, meaning we can find you the most suitable plans from any of the main providers We can advise you on all aspects of funeral planning, including a comparison of the various products on offer and personalising your plan, ensuring you get the plan that best meets your needs and budget We only deal with the main funeral providers registered with the Funeral Planning Authority, meaning you have peace of mind in the product you choose Our team can also complete all the necessary forms on your behalf Finally, our consultations are free – we don't charge you to arrange your funeral plan

So, if you are interested in finding out more, please contact us via our website for a free, no obligation consultation Alternatively, call 0845 272 3584, quoting YouTube