Final Expense Life Insurance

Did you know that according to the National Funeral Directors Association as of January 2013 The national median cost of an adult funeral with balt is $8,343 with additional expenses such as a cemetery plot many funerals exceed $10,000 and that's before any outstanding debts or medical bills you may have heard these estimates before but have you taken action to ensure these financial burdens are not left to loved ones Social Security may provide a one-time payment of $255 to qualified dependents however that falls well short of the need Take a look at this comparison between purchasing a final expense life-insurance policy and setting money aside monthly as methods to save for final expenses which one would you prefer? factoring in total funeral home expenses and the prices of the casket vault cemetery plot opening and closing of the grave flowers death certificates and obituaries the total is just over $10,300 Let's assume you decide to plan for your funeral expenses at age 67 Option 1 is to purchase a $10,000 Ultra Protector I whole life insurance policy with a monthly payment of $61

41 Option 2 is to deposit $62 into a savings account every month so the money can grow over time to $10,000 at first glance both options seem to work but when you really look at the numbers they paint a very different picture with Ultra Protector Series you have protection from the very first day and if you qualify for Ultra Protector I your full death benefit is available as soon as your policy is issued after 8 years at age 75 The life insurance premiums paid total nearly $5,900 the amount in savings is $6,074 though payments made and money and savings are about the same you can see the amounts that would go to the beneficiaries at death are very different the life insurance policy pays substantially more than the savings account after 13 years at age 80 the savings account balance is still below $10,000 total life insurance premiums paid and the amount in savings are again similar still the life insurance beneficiary will receive more than the savings beneficiary this hypothetical scenario relies heavily on being consistent with putting money into a savings account if just one contribution is missed or if savings are needed for other circumstances the $10,000 goal could be months or even years away Everyday Families are faced with the difficult task of saying goodbye to loved ones Turn to Ultra Protector Series and take the "if" out of planning for your final expenses Contact your Americo representative today to learn more about one purchase that can lead to a lifetime of peace of mind For you and your loved ones you