Funeral Arrangements for a Home Death

In some cases, loved ones who pass may do so with a medical expert like a nurse or doctor nearby, such as in a hospital. In these cases, the steps to take in terms of respectful care for the body and carrying out of the departed’s wishes are usually simple enough to follow.

In some other cases, however, a loved one may pass at home – surrounded by friends and family, but not by a professional with this sort of experience. At McDougal Funeral Home, our experts are here to help in cases like this – here are some basic steps for beginning funeral arrangements, arranging cremation options, or other important funeral planning options.

Pronouncement of Death

In cases where the death was sudden or unexpected, call 911 so paramedics can either help save your loved one or can pronounce them dead. If your loved one had a do-not-resuscitate (DNR) order, keep this in a prominent location in the home to avoid CPR efforts. If your loved one is receiving hospice care, contact the hospice nurse for a pronouncement.

Notify the Proper Parties

According to your loved one’s wishes, contact their mortuary or crematorium. You may be asked some basic questions here. Feel free to ask about things like pricing over the phone.

In addition, notify other vital parties. These include the person’s family friends, primary care physician, and any others close to them in their lives. For people who were close to the departed, such as family members, it’s good to make a personal call here to notify them.

Handling Urgent Responsibilities

If the departed was a primary caregiver for any children, dependent adults, or pets, you have to immediately make arrangements for these parties.

Contacting Employer

If the person who passed was currently employed, contact their employer at the appropriate time to inform them of the passing. Find out if they had an employer-sponsored life insurance policy and whether any back pay is due to the departed.

For more on important planning areas if a loved one passes at home, or to learn about any of our funeral planning options, speak to the caring professionals at McDougal Funeral Home today.

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