Funeral Planning : How to Plan a Funeral

Our topic today is how to plan a funeral Planning a funeral in many ways is much like planning a wedding

There are a number of major details that must be worked on or worked out prior to the service time arriving, but in the funeral setting you only have a few days usually to do this In the case of someone dying, there's usually two, three or four days by which you have to make all of those arrangements, plan all this event and carry out the event in that one or two or three day period of time Where with a wedding as you know that's done usually over a several month period of time So planning a funeral, that's why many today plan their funeral arrangements much in advance Which we call pre-planning or pre-need funerals

The family comes in and makes the arrangements, pays for or arranges to pay for much in advance But what is involved Well it's mainly it involves sitting down with your funeral director and deciding what type of funeral service do I want Do I want a direct cremation, do I want burial, do I want a traditional funeral service that may be steeped in just having everything at the funeral home or steeped in the church ceremony like with a Catholic or a Jewish funeral service Then you have to decide what type casket, what type vault that you would like to use, if you choose to go that route

And then decide do I want one nights visitation, two nights visitation, when and where do I want the funeral service held When and where do I want the cemetery or the graveside service to be conducted What cemetery do I want to use What minister would you like to or someone to speak at your service It may be your local or your family minister

Or it may just be a friend that you would like to say a few words at the ceremony So all of these are things that you would consider when making the funeral arrangements What type music would you like played during the funeral service What types songs did the person like All of those are part of planning your funeral arrangements