Funeral Planning Mistakes

welcome to a few words from Moloney family funeral homes on how not to plan a funeral in other words how to avoid mistakes in funeral planning remember do not put it off it's a classic mistake to wait to plan a funeral until someone has died you have enough to worry about when someone dies there's more to dealing with the loved ones death than just the funeral a lot more everyone including you think far more clearly before death occurs honestly there's so much to do you shouldn't wait until someone is ill and when someone becomes terminally ill it's often very hard to discuss a funeral it's much easier to talk about the final arrangements when the funeral seem so far away in the future so plan ahead do your research and plan now want more free information at Moloney funeral homes we offer two helpful brochures on funeral planning one is titled being prepared and the others call the ten mistakes to avoid in funeral planning simply go to Moloney funeral homes website email or call us to request your free brochure or to set up a time to meet with us we can help