How to Choose Burial Location

Laying out your final plans for once you move on from this earth is one of the most difficult processes any of us have to go through with our families, and we’re here to help with every step at McDougal Funeral Homes. Everything from funeral arrangements to headstones can be arranged through our discreet, professional staff.

One of the toughest decisions during this process is the burial location itself. Knowing that you’ll be laid to rest in a beautiful spot of your choosing is important to many people, and there are several things to consider while making that call. Let’s look at a few of the most important factors.

Plot Layout

Different details will matter more or less to different people here. Some may choose to be laid to rest next to family members in a pre-designated plot, and others prioritize the view and ambiance of a location for their family when they eventually visit (if you or a loved one is considering a large plot, be sure to first check cemetery policies on these). If there’s potential for weather damage or other intrusions, this should be factored in. If elderly family members might end up visiting frequently, the ease of access is also important.

Cemetery Policies

There are certain policy elements you’ll want to be completely on top of, mostly regarding what’s allowed on or around grave sites. Some cemeteries will place limits on the height or overall size of headstones, and others may restrict which items can be left on a grave marker during visits. Visit hours can sometimes be limited as well. The last thing you want is to only find out about this after a loved one has passed and it’s too late to make changes.


You should be sure to visit the cemetery you’re choosing for yourself or a loved one multiple times during a year, and during multiple different seasons if you’re able to. This will give you a good idea of how well the grounds are maintained and other details of that sort. You should also be sure to ask about maintenance fees – some cemeteries offer services like grave cleaning free of charge, where others have an additional fee.

For any other questions or concerns regarding funeral planning for you or a loved one, speak to the professionals at McDougal Funeral Homes.

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