How to overcome the objection

in this video I'm going to go over how I overcome objections well I have to talk to my son or my daughter coming up next those of us who were actively selling final expense life insurance have heard every excuse possible that the client will make in order to not have to give us that payment or so they don't have to commit if you're using the same presentation that i use and you're using good body language and you have a lot of energy and enthusiasm you really shouldn't be running into too many overcoming objections especially if you've already found the need and you've got the client interested overcoming objections does take a bit of tact on your behalf you have to be able to smoothly transition from the objection to overcoming the objection and at times to overcoming the true objection in most cases i find the true objection is really that the client just doesn't trust you or know you well enough you haven't built enough report or it can come down to affordability now in this video we're not going to go over how to do a price drop close or how to go back and rebuild report guys just because someone says to you oh I never do anything without speaking of my daughter first doesn't mean that they won't buy life insurance before speaking with their daughter when they give me that overcoming objections what I do as I say well I can appreciate that now let me ask you something mrs Jones as you know when people die we always leave a big mess behind is your daughter the person that's gonna have to come in and figure out what to do when you're gone I mean is she the one that's gonna have to clean up that mess so let me see if I've got this straight while she's in the morning going through what could potentially be the toughest time of her life because her mother passed away on top of that she's got to figure out what to do with you and how to pay for it let me ask you something else do you have a good daughter mrs

Jones I know that sounds like a crazy question but there's a reason I'm asking you I mean think about it if you call her and say hi daughter I gotta ask you something should I get some life insurance overcoming objections the first thing out of her mouth is mom don't talk about that I got it taken care of don't you worry about that and she's gonna blow it off she's going to get rid of that conversation and then you know what's gonna happen when you pass away she's going to be stuck taking care of everything the problem mrs Jones is that this is your decision you're the one that's going to need to make the sacrifice to make sure that she can easily take care of it or at least so that it's not a financial burden to her so now that we've properly addressed the objection and overcoming objections it's time to pivot back to the clothes what i say is can I make a suggestion I wait for them to answer if they don't answer i go mrs Jones can I make a suggestion and then I shown the sheet with the prices and the way I do and I show at least five options and then I say just take the bottom option that should be enough to take care of your final expenses and if you decide later that you want more coverage I'm a phone call away now when you say this statement you don't want to make it sound like a question you have to be firm and positive almost as if you're overcoming objections putting the words in their mouth then what I immediately say is go ahead and grab your driver's license or ID i go right to my sales book I start pulling out the applications the paperwork i'm almost ignoring her but I am watching her off the side of my vision what's going to happen is it may just take a second for it to sink in for her but then what they normally do is they'll get up and go grab their ID if this doesn't work then overcoming objections you've got to go for another close now it's time to go back and rebuild report then you want to pivot to the price drop close guys if you haven't subscribed to our channel feel free to do so as we're putting out new videos every single week if you got something out of this video go ahead and throw me a thumbs up and if you've got an eye idea for a training video feel free to make a comment below