How to plan a funeral – Macmillan Cancer Support

Planning your funeral is really important Because I don't think people always realise how difficult it is if the person hasn't planned their funeral and the family have to then try and think what would they have wanted

So even things like you know basic things about do you want to be buried? Do you want to be cremated? What songs do you want at your funeral? Do you want a religious service? or a non denominational service? There are so many things to think about and it really is important to think about that in advance And actually if you can write all of that down that's really helpful because particularly for the bereaved relative it makes it so much easier if it's all documented I was in China in July 2009 When I returned my husband had quite heavy jetlag and I thought I had similar but he recovered after a day and I was still feeling very very unwell and so 2 or 3 days later when I went to the doctors and he said I'd like to say unfortunately but I'm pretty certain that you have a malignant tumour I said: how long have I got to live? And he said, well, I think 9 months is really a fair approximation so that was the point at which I told the family and I can assure you that was extremely upsetting

I thought I would have 20 years ahead of me, I suddenly realise I might not see my granddaughter to go to school, she was 9 months old and I started to think that I should plan my own funeral But it's also a very very difficult thing for people to talk about the end of life of somebody who's dear to them But if it's all down on a piece of paper or a form or a booklet it makes it so much easier, you only have to have that conversation once and then you actually have got it in place