How to save final expense cancellations

saving cancellations is a very important aspect of our industry if you're not saving cancellations your persistency is going to go right to the crapper in this video I'm going to go over the best ways and the most effective ways for saving a lot of your cancellations coming up next so you made your sale and the next thing you know you get a call from your clients saying oh well I spoke to my son or I realized I can't afford it or you know what I had a guy tell me the other day he calls me up and he says listen I think I'm gonna want more insurance but right now I want to just go ahead and cancel it guys the last thing you want to do is argue with them or try to save it over the phone you got to come off as being very understanding and knowledge you'll you know what mr Jones no problem it's not a big deal it's a part of my business but I do have to come back and meet with you in person and get you to sign off on this so I'm gonna be in your area tomorrow morning between nine and nine-thirty and I just need your signature the ideal is to get back into the house do not try to save your sales over the phone you will fail you will blow most of the easy saves by trying to do it over the phone it's not going to work you'll save some but you're gonna blow a bunch of when you get to the house what you want to do is put the blame on yourself and address the beneficiary mrs

Jones I gotta ask you something is this about the cost they're always going to say yes then you gotta say you know what I'm sorry ma'am that's my fault i think I pushed you too hard but I also know that you and I talked about your daughter Nancy and you were very clear that you wanted something to go to her after you're gone can I make a suggestion I know we talked about doing the $65 option let's just go with a $35 option i know you can afford that and that way at least we're leaving Nancy with something does that make sense to you half the time they're gonna say yeah i guess i can afford that but the only way for you to find out is if you get back in front of them and i'm telling you you're going to be able to say about half of your sales if you do it the right way and at least half of them will always stay on the books you're gonna have really good retention with those sales guys if this makes sense to you and you got something out of this video go ahead and throw me a thumbs up better yet subscribe we're putting out new material every single week