Important Arrangements Following Family Death

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The death of a loved one is a very tough time for any of us, and at McDougal Funeral Home, our funeral planning services are here to help remove as much stress and hassle from these important grieving periods as possible. Our pre-arranged funeral services are designed to handle much of the planning and details for you while allowing you to spend important time with family and friends.

As unfortunate as it is, the passing of a loved one also comes with several other necessary, non-funeral-related details. Our programs will take care of the busywork and allow you the time to handle these other elements, but in moments of grief, it can be easy to forget. With that in mind, here are a few basic reminders about some essential tasks to manage after the death of a loved one.

Death Certificate

Using the Vital Statistics office in your state, your first step will be obtaining multiple copies of a death certificate. These will be both for family use and potentially for practical use when canceling government or other services. There may be a charge for each copy, so know exactly how many you need.

Estate Probate

This is an issue that will be handled by the decedent as long as they have a will, which will name an executor in charge of carrying out final wishes and distributing property.

Some people don’t leave a will, though, and things become more complicated here. If you’re a close loved one, you may be named executor. If this happens, you’ll be required to obtain letters testamentary, which is proof that you have the right to handle financial affairs during probate. Some people choose to hire an attorney to help them with this process.

Financial Institutions and Service Providers

Once a loved one has passed, their various financial services need to be cancelled or properly managed. This includes insurance policies under their name, investments, savings accounts and any outstanding loans or debts. In addition, any utility companies or service providers need to be informed of their cancellations.

Social Security and Other Benefits

There may be benefits available to a surviving spouse or children, including Social Security benefits. It may not be the first thing you want to think about, but you need to check whether certain survivor benefits might make this difficult process a bit easier for you and your family.

Want to learn more about our funeral services, or interested in making funeral arrangements? Speak to our friendly and understanding staff at McDougal Funeral Home today.

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