Inspiring Testimony. A Life Changed by Selling Insurance – Cherlene’s Story

Hi my name is Charlene, and I've worked for Howe Insurance Services and the Barlow Family team since April of 2014 and I live in Evansville, IN One thing that I think that sets HIS apart is that we get tremendous support and also our agents are very ethical they have integrity and they really have the the clients best interest at heart

My most successful week came in June of this year, when I achieve $10k And I have been trying to get that as a go for the last two years and I finally achieved it Well one thing I'm a very quiet person so being part of the Barlow Family team and the Howe Insurance Services team is that it's gotten a little bit out of my shell, I've become a little bit more outgoing And I've achieved things that I thought I would never be able to achieve I can set goals for myself and I feel like I could do anything