Meet Ryan Stevens of Tuscarawas Insurance Agency and local farmer

Sydni Zufelt and Ryan Stevens

Sydni Zufelt and Ryan Stevens

Ryan Stevens is a 2018 graduate of Newcomerstown High School and attended Findlay University for business administration and marketing. He is the son of Donnie and Lori Stevens. Ryan is an agribusiness insurance agent at Tuscarawas Insurance Agency in New Philadelphia and owns and operates Stevens Valley Farms just outside of Newcomerstown. He and Sydni Zufelt, also a Newcomerstown High graduate, will be married this fall. In his spare time Ryan enjoys exercising, hunting and razor rides.

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You are a busy person; tell us a little bit about your farm as well as being an insurance agent for Tuscarawas Insurance Agency:

I own and operate Stevens Valley Farms, a commercial swine finished barn that houses around 4,500 head a year. Along with the livestock, I also grow soybeans and corn. In the future, I plan to expand with an apple orchard, and have been educating myself on soil, location, the right trees to plant and other topics such as controlling pests and harvesting.

My swine are raised for food purposes. Pork is a staple in the diet of many Americans. Who does not enjoy a good Christmas ham, waking up to the smell of bacon cooking in the morning, or possibly you are a lover of krepples?

With corn and soybeans, farmers know there is a connection between timely planting and crop yields. It takes much preparation to achieve the ultimate in actual yield at harvest, and this is something I pride myself in.

I am also an insurance agent for Tuscarawas Insurance Agency located in New Philadelphia. Our involvement in the community of Newcomerstown is flourishing with local farmers as well as the other insurance offerings in relation to your home, auto and commercial insurances. Being able to assist local farmers is one of the reasons I embarked on my career at Tuscarawas Insurance Agency.

What do you think sets you aside from other insurance agents?

Tuscarawas Insurance Agency is an independent insurance agent that can write coverages with multiple carrier options to produce the best coverage rates. As an agent specializing in farm coverage, an added benefit to my clients is I am a farmer myself and understand the requirements of farmers. I know the difficult questions we must ask ourselves when looking for insurance to protect our farm from loss. It can involve many distinct aspects such as what type of coverage and how much do you need. This can involve everything from your equipment, livestock, buildings and so much more. We can sit down and discuss your concerns and determine the best insurance coverage solution for your particular situation.

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What is the best way to contact you for insurance needs?

You are welcome to call my cell phone anytime at 330-795-4227 or email me at You may also telephone our New Philadelphia office at 330-602-2700, and I will be happy to assist you.

For fun: what would people be surprised to know about you?

I enjoy writing fiction. This is my creative outlet that serves as a way to express myself in a mode that is different from my everyday life.

What would you like to highlight for us?

Tuscarawas Insurance Agency began its long history of serving Tuscarawas and surrounding areas in 1885, and I am proud to be a part of such an established agency. If you are thinking of farm insurance or any other type of coverage, please contact me and we will explore the options best for you and your family. I lead a busy life, but it is also very gratifying, and I enjoy the diversity of both the farm and my career in the insurance arena as they keep me on my toes, and each offer areas for me to grow and learn.

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