Parents Plan Funeral For 10 Yr Old With Cancer. Then She Opens Eyes And Says 7 Words

The facts of the verse presents the planned fathers The funeral of their daughter with cancer Seven words change everything with A child is fighting a threat to life The devastating disease of parents The inability to make the child better Makes them feel helpless in many cases They need to start saying In one particular case was parents Planning a funeral for 10 years With cancer then she opened her eyes and He said seven words of the monastery and the fercho She spent an adorable 10 year old girl over Her life fight cancer in 2011 when She was only four years old Diagnosis of leukemia at a time Doctors told Abby's parents that there It was just a 20% chance they would My father Abi survived There is nothing worse than being said Your child will die and There is very little hope for the next For six years, her family had done everything Possible to make sure that Abby will You have the best chance in life She had a bone marrow transplant Chemical radiation was part Of her family's clinical trials Surrounded by love for it He knew that at any moment they could lose Their little daughter forever cancer her Causing her to develop many Infections that were life-threatening Their families can only see hope and Pray it will improve someday Finally in October 2013 their prayers The answer to my father was complete The treatment was finally managed by Live a normal child's life gone To school every day she was on The football team was a scout girl Unfortunately though in September The cancer returned and was worse than it The poor Abe could hardly ever be Move without feeling pain and barely Speaking in February 2015 she had another Transplant bone marrow to make it The best but it made it just worse are Put a situation called Vaccination versus host disease It was the condition that caused the Bone marrow donated to the actual attack The body soon after that kidneys Doctors began to fail to put in ICU told her parents that if He took it from Diana You may die within 48 hours They told them it was time to say Say goodbye to my father during this time She was awake for an hour Every day they knew they had to Preparing for its passage Abby put in her elderly care Grandparents flew to say goodbye Abby's parents were choosing the coffin Her and pick music to The funeral while they were discussing Funeral arrangements Abby awoke I looked at them and told me that So much to live to do was Anne There was a miracle over the next few weeks She walked and grew stronger Doctors could not find a doctor Explanation of Abe's recovery went Home of the hospice and doctors She began to retreat from her treatments Less drugs were on Best got by her doctor Jacob Feisler Abby was getting better on me It has a lot of ups and downs When she started to recover but she challenged All possibilities today Abe in remission It's on steroids twice a day and twice The prognosis is uncertain but her family Optimistic they take it one day at a time They have memories With Abe these are the memories they never have They thought they would be able to because For a time they had no hope in Abe The doctor says she is medical Miracle went to say she made it All doctors are like fools They won the odds of subscribing More [Music] You are [Music]