Plan My Funeral – for Free

– Hi, thanks for watching this short video about free funeral plans and why you really should make one One of the most difficult things I did in the last couple of years was help my father-in-law arrange my mother-in-law's funeral

It was really difficult because we hadn't talked about it We hadn't decided what should happen, when, how, and all of those important things Consequently, when we sat with the funeral director, he asked us questions He said, "What sort of coffin would you like?" We said, we don't know "What music do you want heard at the funeral?" We don't know

He asked a really important question, "Should people be allowed to see her body?" We didn't know what she wanted In the end, we decided on some Irish music, because she was from Ireland And we decided on just a simple funeral at the crematorium "It's what she would've wanted", we said But we didn't know

She hadn't made a plan And we hadn't had the difficult conversation And that's why I wanted to set up planmyfuneralcouk

It's a completely free resource You don't have to have the conversation if you've already got your funeral planned If you've already got your funeral planned, all your executors have to do is deal with the wishes that you've left behind It's a very simple site to use All you've got to do is answer a few questions and you'll get a pdf of your free funeral plan, directly to your inbox, pretty much straight away

Now I'm not gonna lie, the funeral plan is free But funerals aren't Funerals are very expensive and funeral cost inflation is really on the rise, seven to eight percent a year according to the latest statistics So at the end of making your funeral plan, we're gonna make you an offer And that is, we're gonna give you the ability to pay for your funeral plan today at today's prices

It can be done in a lump sum or it can be done in easy instalments You don't have to, the funeral plan is completely free There is no obligation to buy a funeral at the end of it But if you want to buy a Safe Hands funeral plan at the end of the process, just click on the link that you're presented with and it'll take you through the whole application process, so your family will have absolute peace of mind, that not only is your funeral planned, but the funeral is paid for And they won't have to worry about costs, finding the money, or inflation in the future

Thanks for listening to this short video Enjoy going through the questionnaire, it'll make you think It really will But if you can't have the conversation with the family, the very least you can do is give them a plan (light tinkling music)