Ramona K Likes | 03/10/2019

Romana was born August 1, 1952, and passed away March 10, 2019.

Throughout her life, Ramona learned to find joy in the simple things. She loved butterflies, Sweet’s Cherry Stix, Diet Coke, Arby’s, broccoli, the Hallmark channel, and her favorite author Anita Stansfield, among other things. She also loved caring for others. She spent a great portion of her life caring for her disabled brother despite having disabilities of her own. After her brother passed away, she continued to find ways to care for others. She worked at Deseret Industries for over 10 years sorting donations and was proud to receive a service excellence award presented by Apostle Boyd K. Packer. She cared for a dear friend who lived in the same apartment complex who was paralyzed from a car accident, cooking meals and cleaning her apartment. She did this even though Ramona herself was in a wheelchair and struggling with her own issues. She knit dozens and dozens of slippers and booties to donate to Primary Children’s Hospital. She befriended the friendless and often reached out to those around her who were in need.

Because of her mild Cerebral Palsy, those who did not know her, often underestimated her and treated her like a child. Perhaps this is what motivated her to be fiercely independent desiring to be a burden to no one. She faced multiple medical challenges and adversities in her life. She never gave up. When she was in medical rehab working to walk again after breaking her leg, her physical therapists often commented on how determined she was and how hard she pushed herself. Through all her difficulties and challenges she never let go of her most prized possession, her relationship with her Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. When challenge after challenge seemed to come her way, she would say, smiling tearfully, “I guess there is still something God wants me to learn”. It was important to her to be worthy to hold a temple recommend even when she was physically unable to go for many years. Her belief in and dedication to God never wavered.

Because of her physical and medical needs, she benefitted from the services of countless people who more than often walked away feeling they had received the greater benefit from Ramona’s amazing attitude and example. She is free now. Released from the bonds of her disabilities and flying with the butterflies.

Funeral services will be held Monday, March 18, 2019, 10:30 a.m., at McDougal Funeral Home, 4330 South Redwood Road, where a viewing will be held prior to services from 10-10:30 a.m. Interment, Valley View Memorial Park.