Some of Our Favorite Group Fitness Classes Philly has to Offer

Philadelphia is known for so many things — the Eagles, soft pretzels, cheesesteaks and — uh, its workout studios, right? OK, maybe not that last one. However, Philly should be known for its stellar workout studios because there are definitely some impressive gyms, yoga studios and everything in between.

Not many college students can call themselves “experts” at working out. With classes, work obligations and everything else, why would we want to wake up at 6:00 a.m. for a workout? Or 6:00 p.m., for that matter. However, when it comes to group-style work out classes, we suddenly all become self-proclaimed fitness gurus. 

During the school year, it can be too difficult to find the time to break a sweat. However, if one is spending the summer working in Philadelphia, fitness classes can become more of a reality. Here are some of the top studios that everyone *has* to try out.

CorePower Yoga

This hot yoga studio caught is appealing to everyone — they offer a free week of hot yoga to beginners, where new members can participate in unlimited yoga classes for an entire week for FREE. S/O to CorePower for appealing to broke college students who want to feel boujee. 


Nothing absolutely destroys your legs quite like a Barre3 class… but, like, in a good way. There are Barre3 classes everywhere, but something about barre in the city just hits different. Maybe it’s the uber-cool barre instructors or the sleek style of the studio, but this is by far the best Barre3 experience one can have. Barre3 classes can get a bit pricey — keep in mind that we’re broke college students. However, one can attend these classes (and many others on this list) through ClassPass, an app where one can pay a monthly fee to have access to a certain amount of workout classes around the city. Because most of us are extremely financially irresponsible, we don’t have the money to be just throwing at workout classes, which is why ClassPass is a must!

Yoga Habit

Now, there can’t be a Philadelphia-centric list without mentioning a Fairmount studio. Yoga Habit is one of Philly’s top yoga studios not only because it’s a mere 15-minute walk from Temple, but because of its laid-back and low-key atmosphere. The best part — beginners can enjoy 21 days of unlimited yoga for $21!

Optimal Sport*

High-intensity workouts aren’t exactly a girl’s best friend. But, we all know that a healthy heart is a happy heart and this heart-pumping class will definitely get you on track for living your best life. Optimal Sport offers a Pedal ‘N Pump class that sounds terrifying but actually leaves you, as Lizzo would say, feeling good as hell. With a mixture of cycling and floor exercises, you’ll be burning calories and feeling good all day long. 


When one envisions a good workout, many will picture yoga mats and ambient music or running sneakers and dumbells. Where one’s mind does not go is boxing gloves and punching bags in a dim room lit up only by intense shades of red. So, in a nutshell: Rumble Boxing. To mix it up, give Rumble Boxing a go this summer. From the lighting to the upbeat and energetic music, the entire atmosphere of Rumble makes everyone feel like a total badass. 

Don’t let this article fool you — working out isn’t exactly the most glamorous activity. But there is something about the camaraderie and high spirits of a good group workout class in the city that has everyone lugging their yoga mats around Center City.

* Optimal Sport is a client of Philly PR Girl