Steps for Selecting a Burial Casket

If you’re part of organizing funeral planning for a friend or loved one, one of the most significant choices you’ll be part of making is the burial casket. The casket is a way to honor the departed as an expression of love, the ultimate resting place and a final chance for you to show you love and caring.

At McDougal Funeral Home, we offer quality, customizable caskets to fit your every need. Let’s look at some of the steps you should take while choosing a casket, with a few tips along the way.


The first important consideration is the purpose of the casket. In general, there are two primary purposes a casket may serve: Burial or cremation. This will sometimes be a decision the deceased left in a will, which will make this step simpler.

Material and Size

Once you know the purpose of the casket, you have to decide on its size and material. Size will generally be dictated by the general height and weight of the deceased, with oversized caskets for larger people (or if any remembrance tokens will be placed in the casket and require space).

Most caskets are made of some metal or wood composite, and there are often biodegradable options available as well. Ask our expert staff about which material might be right for your situation.

Get Quotes

Now that you’ve locked down sizing and material details, get a quote from your expected vendor (in this case, us). This will help determine if the casket meets the budget – ask for a detailed price list in writing, so you can break down all the costs involved before confirming anything.

Confirm Delivery

Finally, be sure to confirm the exact date and time of the delivery for a casket, if you’re not picking it up directly from the home. Nothing could be worse than forgetting this one vital detail and being forced to push back an important moment like a funeral.

For more information on caskets or any of our other funeral planning services, speak to the experts at McDougal Funeral Home today.

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