The Best of PHS Philadelphia Flower Show 2019

No matter the weather outside, spring is in full bloom inside The Pennsylvania Convention Center from March 2-10, 2019! This year marks the 190th year of PHS Philadelphia Flower Show, which focuses on the impact flowers have on the world. This year’s theme, Flower Power, comes to life across ten acres of stunning retro-inspired landscapes. Luckily enough, we attended the preview of the incredible spectacle. Keep reading for the must-see attractions and exhibits.

Artistic Expressions

People & Flowers Happy Together explores the connection between flowers and human beings. It unites the dedication and passion of flower growers and the creative talents of floral designers from around the world. The brilliant display reminds us that flowers indeed bring people together. These beautiful pants help people to relax, remember, create, connect, and grow.  

The power of flowers can be expressed in many different and unique forms. Many of this year’s floral designs drew inspiration from The 50th Anniversary of Woodstock. This exhibit recreates “that 70s vibe” using peace signs, lava lamps, and more. The overwhelming attention to detail in these showstoppers almost transport you back in time.

In a special dedication to the effects of Alzheimer’s, The Memory Tree is a sculptural representation of the human brain. The corrosion is an intended symbol of the brain’s eventual inability to function. By recognizing this disease, the fight against continues on stronger rather than taking memories and loved ones from us. Attendees are invited to add personal memories to the tree with colorful flowers. The flowers will be added to the sculpture throughout the week, thus bringing it into full bloom.

Interactive Exhibits & Competitions

The Mindful Minute is an interactive opportunity to slow down and flex your meditative muscles. The goal of this exhibit is to increase our awareness of mindfulness, inviting us to take in the beauty and diversity of flowers.

Each year, the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society orchestrates one of the largest collection of floral displays, plants, and exhibits. To make matters interesting, artists of the Philadelphia Flower Show are actually in competition with one another.

For instance, the 2019 FTD World Cup is an international floral competition, and it’s considered the most prestigious event in floral design. The event brings together the best talent in floral design from 23 countries worldwide. These beautiful pieces are constructed in their home country and then brought to the United States for the competition. This is the first time this event has been hosted in the United States since 1855!

Tickets to the PHS Philadelphia Flower Show are available online now. Comment what you’re most excited for, or tag us on social media in your pictures!