The Color Purple an American Musical

In the midst of the winter wonderland we’re experiencing, the southern tale of The Color Purple is bound to warm you up with all the feels– Theatre Horizon in Norristown has outdone itself with their holiday production premiere of The Color Purple an American Musical. After attending the show on opening night, it is easy to see why tickets for the show are selling out fast! The musical is based on Alice Walker’s classic award-winning novel about Celie’s journey to reuniting with her sister.

What we loved about the show is Theatre Horizon’s intimate setting which helped the audience feel emotionally close to the characters. If you’re looking to experience all the emotions on the spectrum: a good cry, a hearty laugh or inspiration to have the courage to speak up you definitely need to go see the show!

The Color Purple is showing at Theatre Horizon through December 23. Tickets are still available online at

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